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It's all about fire resistant additives, foundry & other specialty chemicals

Company Overview

Established 1964, Metachem Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. has grown as a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Nitrogen-Phosphorus based Flame Retardant additives & Expandable Graphite, White FR, Intumescent Coating, Liquid FR, Fire Resistant Additive and Fire Retardant Additive. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company who have earned the trust of our employees. Expandable Graphite is a single Cost-effective, Eco-Friendly, Non-Halogenated and Flame/ Fire Resistant additive for products like Rubber/Plastic, Polymer, Foam, Profiles, Door/ Wall Sealants, Bitumen Roofing and Seals. Our products adapt acknowledgment in Latex Foam industry, PU Foam, Rubber Products, Gaskets and Door & Wall Sealants.

Our firm has been providing a wide range of products that adapt various applications in numerous industries. Our fire retardants are non-toxic, environment friendly and non-halogenated. Additionally, they comply with RoHS norms and stringent specifications. They possess anti drip property with minimal weight loss and do not emit any toxic gases as compared to other flame retardants. These can be used with least or negligible modifications in existing scenario & with no change in the properties of end product.

In the category of flame retardant, we cater to numerous industries for different purposes. Our product adapts high end application in Foam industry across the world. Our manufactured range of expandable graphite based Flame retardant additives include more than 2000 MT & 90% of which is exported across the globe, especially in Europe and UK. Since 1998, we are supplying our high grade products to various firms such as vita group, etc. in Europe.  Our product encompasses all the standards of FR in the world.


  • Non Halogenated
  • Comply with stringent specifications & RoHS norms.
  • Minimal change in the existing manufacturing process.
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous.
  • Eliminates toxic gas emissions from burning base material.
  • Anti dripping property. Prevents base material from dripping during burning.
  • Does not change characteristics of the base product eg. Flexibility and durability of foam remains unchanged.

Foundry Products:

In the insulation category we cater to various steel & foundry chemical manufacturers for different applications. These applications are; Ladle Covering Compound, Tundish Covering Compound, Anti Piping Compound and Hot Topping Compound.


Insulating compounds are used as covering for casting risers to increase the feeding efficiency of the riser and at the same time confine shrinkage cavities to safe level in riser.

Hot Topping Compounds when added on the surface of liquid metal. It burns immediately and later forms an insulating and porous crust thereby heat loss due to radiation is minimized. Powder spreads evenly on the liquid surface. Crust is powdery. Fumes are very low. Requirement of powder is less as it has good expanding properties. This helps to keep the metal in liquid state for longer time for efficient feeding to the casting. Liquid Steel temperature in riser is maintained properly. The rate of liquid metal cooling in riser is prolonged due to high properties of Insulating Compounds.

Thus, to avoid casting rejection due to porosity, shrinkage, piping etc., Insulating Compounds keep metal more hot in riser area for a long time for efficient feeding and casting produced are pressure tight.